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Ajita is a leading position in the Indian Metal market for Brass and Brass alloy products with a product range including special high technology components.
  • We have a group of skilled workers and expert Engineers.
  • We manufacture the particular item as per customer’s specifications or as per samples/Drawing provided by the customers.
  • We have sufficient capacity and capabilities to produce any brass products as per the requirement.
  • We also have a range of samples of the items that we manufacture, which we forward to our customers for their record and perusal.

About Ajita Metals Industries

    A major Indian group, Ajita is a leading player in the global copper processing industry
  • Ajita is a leading global producer of semi-finished and special products, with a central role in the Brass value chain. Ajita’s production range goes to an extremely wide target of user industries and manufacturing sectors, including semi-finished products for building and industrial applications and a wide range of high-technology products.
  • With deep roots in the industrial history of India, Ajita is today a united and competitive enterprise, a leader on an international scale.
  • At the level of operations, the local manufacturing activities operating in full integration with the Company’s strategic and industrial policies.

Vision & strategy

    Our Vision
  • Ajita, Beginning of a new era, in ways that establish set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and generate long term relation with our customer while strengthening our commitment to environmental and social sustainability.
    Our Mission
    As the leader in our market:
  • to intensify our collaboration and partnership with our customers with the aim of improving and developing new quality products and services which
  • satisfy their requirements
  • help them to improve their position in a highly competitive market
  • help to reduce “system costs”
  • constitute a solid basis for mutual collaboration

  • to intensify our efforts towards ongoing financial stability and profitability to guarantee our shareholders opportunities for future growth on the one hand, and the safety and security of our employees on the other
  • to continue to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and promote initiatives in environmental protection and social responsibility, in the interests of our host communities and future generations.
    Our Strategy
    In line with its vocation and values, Ajita implements a strategy aimed at strengthening its leadership and profitability by means of:
  • Consolidation and growth in the sectors which offer the greatest potential for development and profit
  • Integration of new scenarios into our existing businesses and consequent openness to new products/requirements
  • An investment policy centred on innovation, efficiency and quality

Quality Management

  • Quality and customer satisfaction are specific commitments for the Ajita
  • Ajita is committed to the continuous improvement of all our business and production processes in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and reliability as regards their organisation, technological aspects and staff management.
  • The aim of our commitment is to increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
     We are constantly engaged in:
  • creating products of unbeatable quality
  • preventing errors and defects
  • minimising the costs associated with errors and inefficiencies
  • preventing the waste of resources
  • Establishing safe production conditions to protect both our employees and the environment.

  • We aim for excellence by means of transparent management systems designed to satisfy the requirements of our clients together with the demands of the market and technology.
  • The quality management systems implemented throughout the Ajita Company are fully compliant with the provisions of Quality Standards and our staffs are strongly committed to their implementation at all levels.
    Quality Policy / Processes
  • Ajita Metals is fully equipped with Electrically Operated Testing Instruments such as Callipers. All Standard Gauges with “GO" AND "NOT GO" Threads, Gauges, Micrometres, Electronic Venires, Profile Projector and many others of approved Standards. Which has become possible to maintain accuracy and desired precision sizes of customers. Each and every Instrument and Gauges are periodically calibrated, to ensure integrity of measurement preventive.
    Quality Assurance
  • Company has invested good amount behind this to have majority type of Inspection instruments including all general purpose in instruments and gauges along with the profile projector and other sensitive instruments.

Responsibilities & Commitments

  • The Ajita Company has embraced the concept of social responsibility, and is fully committed to environmental, safety and philanthropic themes, as well as adopting quality system certification.
    Environmental Protection
  • Ajita has an ongoing commitment to the environment: not only has it instituted environmental policies for the company as a whole and its individual plants which are fully compliant with Indian standards.
    Quality Management
  • Certified quality management systems have been completely implemented in all level of organization with the aim of maximising customer satisfaction.

Code of Conduct

  • Ajita has adoption of a Code of Conduct intended to settle corporate guidelines for employees in their daily work, facing new ethical needs of regulation arisen in present economic scenario, and according to all major corporations’ best practices. It aims to raise awareness of current legal provisions among Ajita staff and to oblige employees to adhere to the ethical rules and principles laid down in this Policy.
    Main aspects covered by KME’s Code of Conduct are:
  • Fair competition and anti-trust laws
  • Anti- corruption
  • Environment, health and safety
  • Prohibition of child labour
  • Respect for the basic human rights of employees
  • No infringement of our own or others’ property rights
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Handling of Information

R & D

  • Brass based solutions: with its strong commitment to the needs of the customer, the Ajita R&D teams are actively involved in innovation.
  • For Ajita, a commitment to innovation means offering products and services which meet the customer’s requirements, support their need to create profitable products and also respond to the need for advanced technology on the part of the end user.
  • These objectives are reached via constant improvement of the surface and body of the product, its form and even its packaging as specified by the customer, by improvement in quality and reduced production costs.
  • This also means the possibility of introducing new products and services, often developed in close collaboration with our principal customers and with the support of academic researchers.
  • In order to support the innovation programmes of our various business units with their great variety of projects, Ajita’s R & D is based on competency centres which cover every aspect of the product, from design to use.
  • The principal competency centres are concerned with alloys and microstructure, surface treatment, heat exchange, health and the environment, melting and casting, metal forming and material testing.
  • Every competency centre is supported by highly motivated international experts, who have access to the latest equipment and installations in their work. The instrumentation runs from pilot production lines to sophisticated test and control equipment.


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