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Hot Forged Parts

  • We provide various types of Brass Forged Components; those are used in the Agricultural equipment, Automotive Parts, Water & Valve Fittings,Gas & Hydraulic fittings, Electrical & Engineering Industries Etc.

    ▪ From 0.05 Kg to 5.00 Kg

    ▪ Forging Brass As Per BS 218
    ▪ Any Special Brass Material Composition as per customers requirement

    ▪ Natural, Nickel Plated and special plating as per customer requirement.

    Why use Forging ?
    ▪ The forging process can create parts that are stronger than those manufactured by other metalworking process. This is why forging are almost always used where reliability and human safety are critical. And some special industry must required forged part for better reliability & safety

    Any kind of brass forged components can be developed as per customer’s specification & design

Turend Parts


    Producing high quality turned parts since 1991
    Here at Ajita, quality counts. It’s important to us that we get your part manufactured when you need it and how you need it!

    We produce a variety of products and components including sub-assemblies on a range of machinery, utilising the latest CNC machinery.
    In addition, our Inspection Department has a comprehensive stock of gauges, clocks and micrometers, together with optical comparators. In many instances we work closely with our customers during the design stage of their product, to ensure that the most economical component is produced with respect to shape & standard material.

    Please get in touch and discuss your requirements with us.


    Ajita Metals offer Brass Turned Components for Various Applications.

    ▪ Automobile Sector
    ▪ Electrical Sector
    ▪ Electronic Sector
    ▪ Tele Communication Sector
    ▪ Instrumentation Sector
    ▪ Moulding Industries
    ▪ Sensor Industries
    ▪ Valves & Water Industries
    ▪ Lighting Systems

    ▪ Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Types I or BS 249 Types I
    ▪ Any Special Non Ferrous Material Grade
    ▪ Brass as per RoHS Directive

    ▪ ISO Metric (MM Threads)
    ▪ BA, BSW (Inches), UNC, UNF, BSP, NPT, BSPT
    ▪ Any as per customize Specification

    ▪ Circumference Diameter 1MM to 200MM with length of any size.
    ▪ Apart from standard Precision Turned Components, we develop customize Precision Turned Components as per technical drawing or other relevant data.

    ▪ Natural
    ▪ Nickle Plated
    ▪ Silver Plated
    ▪ Tin Plated
    ▪ As per customer Specification

    Any Kind of Metal Turned Parts Can be Developed As Per Customers Specifications.
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  • Brass Hot Forged + Turend Parts
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