Why Us

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Our Values

Ajita’s core values are expressed through specific policies

  • Customer Focus :
  • Attention to customer requirements in terms of innovative and high-technology products.
  • Ensure Quality :
  • Ajita has offered high quality products and services. Our investment policies and internal procedures guarantee a high level of quality throughout the production process.
  • Widespread Innovation :
  • Further to our commitment to R&D in product and process innovation, at Ajita we stimulate our employees to generate innovative ideas at every phase of their work.
  • Working Together :
  • We are convinced that the multi-cultural basis of our organisation is a spur to improvement.


  • Profitability :
  • Profitability is the cornerstone of the company’s future development.
  • Accountability :
  • Responsibility is the key to guaranteeing the implementation of decisions and Ajita seeks to promote responsibility at every level of our organisation.


  • Working Safety :
  • Increasing and guaranteeing safety in the work place is a priority for Ajita.
  • Community Awareness :
  • Increasingly aware of the social significance of the enterprise, Ajita has launched a number of concrete social initiatives.
  • Environmental Awareness :
  • Awareness of our responsibility towards the environment is a value to which Ajita is dedicating increasing energy and resources, with regard to both products and industrial processes.